Where to Buy Cheap Domains – 5 Popular Websites to Check

Interested in buying a cheap domain name for your website? You have come to the right place! Check out these 5 popular websites from where you can purchase the cheapest domains!

There are thousands of domain name registrars online who can provide you with the same services. However, if you need cheap domains, you need to find a domain name registrar that can offer you a list of great domains and cheap prices. Believe it or not, there are such domain registrars.

The important thing when buying a domain name is to make sure it is suitable for your needs as well as your website needs. For example, if you are buying a domain name for your online business, you need a name that is going to represent your company, your brand, the products and services you are selling, and etc.

So, how you can possibly find a reliable and cheap domain registrar from where you can purchase the perfect domain for your website?

We are going to present you the 5 best and cheapest websites:

  1. GoDaddy – This is one of the most popular websites for domain registration. Even though they experience a failure 5 years age, they got their reputation back by offering cheap prices for .com domains. The cost for .com domains is $1.99 per year. However, because of the additional hidden fees, the cost is $10 per year and $15 for every year after that.
  2. com This website is known as the cheapest domain registration service. Besides the cheap prices for registering a domain, they also have great technical support, personable customer support, flexible pricing plans, and etc.
  3. com The .com domains are from $9.99 per year, while the .mobi domains are $2.99 per year. Domain.com are considered as one of the best value for money domain name registrars.
  4. NameCheap This website is another popular choice for buying cheap domain names. With .com domains for $10.69 per year and .org and .net domains for $11.48 per year, NameCheap are officially cheap priced domain name registrar.
  5. FatCow They are known for offering the cheapest deals for a complete website package including registration or a domain name and hosting. The price is $0.30 for the first month and after that, the price is $10.99.

Choose the domain name registrar according to your website needs and budget!

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