How to Create Redirects in WordPress

The reason we’ve decided to explain to you how to create redirects in WordPress is because most of the people decide to use that approach when it comes to redirecting a web page from one domain to another.

When redirecting in WordPress, you need a 3013 redirect. The reason for this is because when your website or a web page has been transferred, you want to inform your visitors that a new page is being created.

Before starting the process, you need to determine why you want to redirect. There are two possible reasons:

  • You need to redirect the web page as you are planning on deleting a certain web page because of a new content you have in mind
  • You need to redirect because you are planning on modifying the permalinks of your web page

The 301 redirect helps you to inform the visitors and the search engines that the web page they are trying to reach is moved to another location.

Use the Redirection
Page Links to
Simple 301

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How to Redirect a Web Page from One Domain to another Domain

Is it possible to redirect a one web page from one domain to another domain? Yes, it is! Read this article and discover how to do it!

A lot of people would like to know whether or not it is possible to redirect a one web page from one domain to another? This is possible, however, there are certain rules you need to follow in order for the process to be successful.

We are going to present you a few possible methods you can use.

How to Redirect a Web Page to another Domain

A redirect sends the visitors from your current website to a chosen location, either a different destination within the same website or to a new website entirely. For instance, you can redirect your website visitors from your domain base to a sub-directory content such as your own personal blog.

When it comes to the content such as folders and files, they are going to be redirected to the new destination as well or they are not going to be redirected at all.

So, in order to redirect a web page to another domain, you need to enter your hosting account first. Once you’ve entered your account, you need to click Web Hosting. According to the type of hosting you have chosen for your website, you need to click on it. There is a classic hosting, Linux hosting, and Windows hosting. Choose the type of hosting and you will get transferred to a Hosting Control Panel, cPanel or Plesk and from there you can redirect the web page.

There are few other methods you can use to redirect a single web page from one domain to another. One way is by changing the .htaccess file or create a new one in the specific folder you want to redirect the web page from and add some re-write rules. The other way is to use the WordPress rewrite API.

According to experts, both ways have their own advantages and disadvantages. By using the first method or changing the .htaccess file, things can get complicated fast, especially in the folder where the .htaccess file exists. When using the second method, you may have to re-save the permalinks in order to make it work.

You can also find hosting on Shopify’s services. They make sure every step in the process is easy and convenient for you!


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